Houghton Academy Faculty

A commitment to our students.

About Our Faculty

Professionally trained and certified, our faculty is our most valuable asset. The men and women who interact with students all bring their unique personalities, education, and life experience to the classroom, but each teacher shares a commitment to excellent teaching. Classroom-management styles vary and teaching methodologies range from lectures to labs, but across the entire curriculum teachers share a commitment to first-rate education. Students who succeed at the Academy will succeed in college, a fact which has been demonstrated for decades.

It would be no exaggeration to say that a school’s faculty is the school. Textbooks, chalkboards, desks, computers, laboratories —even buildings—are merely tools, put to use by the faculty as it inculcates a group of young people with its knowledge, wisdom, and world view.

At Houghton Academy students receive a superior education because the faculty has a superior education to impart. Whether their chosen discipline is English literature or calculus, history or foreign languages, members of the Academy faculty bring to the classroom not just a mastery of the subject and an uncommon gift for teaching, but more importantly, a thoroughly Christian perspective—a thoughtfully considered, unashamedly Christ-centered approach to education and life.

This combination of knowledge, teaching expertise, and uncompromising Christian philosophy gives Houghton Academy its distinctive character.

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