Boarding Students Admission

Houghton Academy welcomes you to join our family.

God's faithfulness through the years has allowed us to remain as we began, committed to helping young people understand the world as God has revealed it to us and, subsequently, our proper response to Him.

Please read the information on these pages carefully. While we try to present a good image of our school, we are not trying to mislead anyone. The more that you know about us, the better will be your decision to enroll here or look elsewhere. Many fine boarding schools are spread across our land, each with their own character. We have a great school, but clearly it is not for everyone. Our goal through the admissions process is to find students who are a good match for our school.

Please visit us if you are able. We welcome visitors all year, but especially encourage prospective students to spend a day with us attending classes. A visit is the best way to be sure that you know what you are getting into. We can help you work out the details of your visit--just give us a call and ask for the Office of Admission.

Academic Rigor

Academy students have access to a great academic facility with modern, well-equipped classrooms. More

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