Admissions Philosophy

Underlying our admissions procedures and decisions are some foundational principles.

Inquiries to the admissions office often involve discussions related to these principles.

We admit capable students.

Houghton Academy is populated with students with a range of academic abilty. You do not have to be a genius to gain admittance. Neither are we equipped to offer programs in Special Education, and we do not have a Resource Room, so there are some student profiles that we just cannot serve.

We admit students from all religious backgrounds.

While many Christian schools exclusively admit Christian students, we welcome students from all religious backgrounds. Prospective students should be clear that we are a distinctly Christian school nevertheless; we make no apology for requiring Bible class, chapel, and for boarders, church attendance. All our students, regardless of their background, are confronted with the claims of Christ on their lives.

We admit students who are willing to live and work in our setting.

Because of our strong commitment to Christian education, we maintain an environment that is more conservative than many. While we are careful to distinguish between Biblical imperatives and social conventions, Houghton Academy prohibits a variety of behaviors and activities that may be quite common in other school settings. Our environment can rightly be called "wholesome."

We admit students from sixth through twelfth grade.

Clear enough.

We are not a therapeutic, residential treatment facility.

Some school specialize in "at risk" students. We do not. We review each application carefully and interview applicants. There are certain attitudes and behaviors that are not welcomed here. A resource for therapeutic programs may be found at


Church attendance is a normal part of boarding student life. Most boarding students and many local students worship at the Houghton Wesleyan Church which is just a short walk from campus. More

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