Applying to Houghton Academy

Admission to Houghton Academy is based on your completed application.

Each application requires supporting documentation. Upon receipt of a completed application, our Admissions Committee reviews each application and makes a decision.

The steps to admission are:

  1. Visit School (Not required, but very important)
  2. Obtain an application from the school or from our website. We have no application fee and we accept alternative applications.
  3. Complete and return your parts of the application. 
  4. Request school records from your current school.
  5. Ask your teachers to complete and return our recommendations. They may elect to write a letter in lieu of using our form.
  6. After reviewing your complete application, we will contact you to schedule an interview if you appear to be a good match for our program. Skype interviews are acceptable when face-to-face interviews are not possible.

Four easy ways to apply:

  1. Houghton Academy Application for Admission
  2. SSAT application
  3. TABS application
  4. Houghton Academy Application (to print and return)

After your application is approved for admission:

  1. We will send you an enrollment contract to sign and return.
  2. You should pay a $4,500 deposit (all but $500 refundable if visa is denied twice).
  3. International students will receive their I-20 and will need to contact the appropriate US Embassy or Consulate to schedule an interview for an F-1 student visa.

See Also

*After acceptance but before enrollment, approved candidates should return a completed medical form which requires an exam by a doctor.


An advantage of our small school is that athletics are accessible to many students with different levels of athleticism. More

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