Occasionally folks will send us a note and give us permission to share it here.

Member of the class of 2001

This is [an alum] e-mailing, for some of you it may be a stretch to remember who I am. It has been a long-overdue note of thanks that I owe this staff for their influence into my life, and for their part of the Houghton experience.

Houghton Academy was the platform that begun a life I couldn't have otherwise imagined. Houghton provided an international atmosphere that deeply impacted who I have since become. Each of you certainly continues to impact the lives of the students that attend, especially those who come from abroad. From a former student of yours, thank you. 

Parent of recent graduate

I'm very glad to have the opportunity to go to [my daughter's] graduation ceremony. The graduation is one of the steps of her growth, and I was quite touched by the atmosphere of happiness that she had with her friends. [My daughter} is happy to be accepted by Penn State. Her success is surely related to the outstanding work of teachers of Houghton Academy. We really appreciate all the teachers.

Our family meeting you in Shanghai last summer, and having dinner with a nice talk, was a good memory for us. We got to know more about Houghton Academy and the academic performance of [our daughter]. I saw more teachers and students of Houghton this time. I am very proud of both her and the school. Hope to see you in Shanghai again. 

Parent of recent graduate

Thank you for your heart and dedication to Houghton Academy and to its students. We are grateful to have [teachers] who care about the quality of education and the character of the students... 

Former student of old

You can't imagine how happy I was to read your message. I tell you frankly, I didn't expect it! I know how busy you are, and I thought that you would not even remember me.

There is a good chance that I might visit Houghton, I'll be stopping in New York ... for a week or so, and I would like it very much to visit.

Although I stayed only for one school year, but Houghton Academy has a special place in my heart, especially you, and your family. For I have seen Jesus, in your lives. 

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