Tuition and Financial Aid

When the Academy was founded, Willard Houghton went on record with his intention that Houghton Academy be affordable.

The world's economy has changed considerably since 1883, but in the realm of private day schools, Houghton Academy's price point remains low--so low in fact that many folks ask us why we are so much cheaper than other quality schools. We are happy to answer that question thus: the faculty and staff at Houghton Academy are not in education for the money. Their willingness to work for less allows us to pass a considerable savings on to our families. While we recognize that "affordable" is a relative term, we firmly believe that we offer a high-end education at a very modest price.

We are always battling sticker shock among prospective families. A family accustomed to paying for education through the mechanism of school taxes often reacts with understandable dismay when first seeing our day student tuition. Thankfully, we are able to offer need-based financial aid to many families.

After a student is admitted to the school, we will process and respond to an application for financial aid; we do our best to make our education affordable to those who value it. That said, some families find it necessary to reorganize their financial priorities or make other life-style sacrifices, a reality which we understand and appreciate. Its terribly cliche, but some families find that attending their local secular school comes at a much higher cost--not always measured in dollars--than the amount spent for a quality Christian education at Houghton Academy.

Why Students Choose HA

Academy students choose to come to Houghton because we offer a positive school community of motivated students making healthy lifestyle choices. More

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