Local Transportation Options

Local students arrive at the Academy through a variety of means, from walking to driving to riding buses.

Many carpools are available. Students living south of Houghton along the route 19 corridor may benefit from the Allegany County Transit system.

Transportation to Houghton Academy may be available through your local school district, courtesy of a law on the books in New York State. In broad strokes, if you live within 15 driving miles of a private school, your local school district is required to provide transportation to that private school provided your written request for transportation arrives before their deadline for same.

Since it's New York State it can't be simple, but the transportation supervisor in your local school district or your school superintendent should be able to help with more details. An important consideration to discover is the school's deadline for your request for transportation--usually schools set deadlines in April for transportation requests for the subsequent school year.

Please contact us if you have questions, but as this law establishes a family-based service between you and your local public school, the Academy can serve only as a fount of information based on our experience.

The Academy owns and operates two big yellow buses, but these are used for transportation to activities and are not used for daily bus routes to and from school.

College Survival Skills

Houghton Academy has a high rate of college placement and with excellent preparation for college—with both knowledge and practical “college survival skills.”

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