JV & Junior High Sports

Interested students in all grades are encouraged to participate on a sports team at an appropriate level.

Most seventh and eighth graders participate at a level which is locally know as "Modified" sports. High school students are evaluated each season and coaches direct them to either varsity or junior varsity teams based on their ability. Accomplished athletes often participate on a varsity team, but generally students move up though levels as they advance in grade level.

Modified sports emphasizes learning and participation; winning or losing is irrelevant. Junior varsity sports work hard to win, but the primary emphasis is on building skills and teamwork. In all athletic programs at Houghton Academy, coaches use athletics as one more means to an end--specifically the end of Christian character development.

Education for the Head

Houghton Academy prepares its graduates to become people of integrity and Christian character, striving to equip them for success in the colleges and careers of their choice. More

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