Residence Life

Houghton Academy provides both dormitory or homestay options to meet the needs of every student.

At Houghton Academy, students receive a safe, orderly, and affirming atmosphere that provides opportunities for academic support, personal growth, and lifelong friendships. The residence life program at the Academy is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, which new students to be especially inviting. Evening study hours are structured, supervised, and actively coordinated with classroom teachers. 

The boys and girls dorms offer a traditional residential setting. Two students most often share a room, and there are shared common areas for relaxation and recreation. Dorm students are responsible for cleaning their own living areas.

Our residence life staff has years of experience working with boarding students, both international and domestic. Students in the dorm are cared for holistically by our dorm parents, who treat them as if they were their own children. Any student need (academic, social, emotional, and physical) is important and relevant to the residence life staff.

Weekends in residence life are full of a wide variety of exciting activities. Activities include visits to restaurants, malls, movies, supermarkets, state parks, museums, and other local area attractions.

An alternative to our traditional dorms is found in our homestay program

Music Program

The Academy Music Department offers participation in Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Jr. Choir, Junior and Senior Bands, and Handbell Choir. Both senior high and junior high bands are available. More

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