Dorm Life

Most boarding students at Houghton Academy live in one of the two residence halls, the Fancher women's dorm or the Tysinger men's dorm.

Both dorms offer a traditional residential setting. Two students most often share a room, there are shared common areas for relaxation and recreation, and the buildings are staffed by full-time employees.

Dorm students are responsible for cleaning their own living areas and also have rotating dorm jobs by which they share responsibility for the whole dorm. Dorm staff strive to maintain an atmosphere that supports learning.

Homesickness is occasionally an issue, and may come or go throughout the year. Residential staff are generous with their time and are deeply concerned with the well-being of each student. Students may have cell phones or use the two land lines in each dorm.

Dorm life is not like home life. The dynamics of group living dictate that boarding students live under certain restrictions that might not be an issue in a single-family residence. Shared bathrooms require a schedule, music volume must at times be limited in deference to the needs of others--in short, a student cannot always do what they want when they want to. The experience and skills that can be acquired by group living are great interpersonal skills to develop and are one more advantage residential students enjoy.

An alternative to our traditional dorms is found in three staff houses we own close to school. These homes serve as the full-time, traditional residences of our employees families, but each house has been configured to accommodate students. Because of their proximity to school, students who live in these three homes eat meals in the cafeteria; other than that, life in these homes is very much like a homestay.

College Placement

A full-time guidance counselor walks each senior through the college application process, providing access to college representatives on campus as well as at college fairs in our region. More

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