Fancher Dormitory

During the 2020-2021 school year, the Fancher Dormitory will house both boys and girls. The Fancher dormitory will be split into two separate and secure sections, Vetville Hall for the boys and P31 Hall for the girls.

After WWII, the government extended college education benefits to American veterans’ home from the war. Houghton College—swamped with veteran applicants—built a small “village” of modest apartments where Fancher Dormitory and the school building currently sit and affectionately called it “Vetville.” Accordingly, we've named our boys section of the Fancher Dormitory Vetville Hall. With the intention of reminding our young Academy men of the many admirable qualities of those who serve their countries: sacrifice, integrity, loyalty, and dedication.

The girls' section of the Fancher Dormitory, named P31 Hall, intends to remind our young Academy woman of the admirable qualities so powerfully outlined in Chapter 31 of the Book of Proverbs. Qualities such as strong character, dignity, hardworking, and serving others. We are pleased to have such meaningful names for the young Academy men and women who we envision as the future leaders throughout the world.

Our head residents are responsible for the care and supervision of the residents in the dorm. The two Halls are separate areas equipped with locked doors, separate restrooms, and entrances for privacy and security. Public areas have video cameras for everyone’s safety and security.


An advantage of our small school is that athletics are accessible to many students with different levels of athleticism. More

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