Yearbook: The Pebble

Houghton Academy students produce and publish our yearbook, The Pebble, in cooperation with Jostens.

Ours students learn to use Adobe InDesign and (to a lesser degree) Adobe Photoshop to that end. Yearbook workers have access to 10 digital SLR cameras including several Canon Rebel XTs and XTis and are responsible to generate all images and copy for the yearbook.

A separate Yearbook Club exists to allow participation and learning for students not enrolled in the official Yearbook Journalism Class.

The Pebble advisor works with each staff with the goal of producing a NSPA award-winning yearbook.

The 2008 Pebble and the 2009 Pebble were each awarded CSPA Gold Medals. The 2010 Pebble was awarded CSPA Silver.

Ad space in the Pebble is available for sale (see sample, below.) Contact the yearbook staff for pricing and to reserve your ad in our next edition.


The Academy's Mission

The Academy's mission has always been to instill students with Biblical values and morality so that these young people will become the strong and capable leaders our world desperately needs. More

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