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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Houghton?

Smaller than Seoul, and bigger than a thimble. Population not inflated by students is about 500. We have three restaurants, a coffee shop, and a church. Doctors wander through occasionally. Deer are prevalent enough to be pesky.

What is the atmosphere like in school?

One of the first things many folks comment on after a visit is the diversity of our students. Along with that observation, we often hear that there is a positive feeling and a sense of peacefulness here.

What opportunities are there for helping my spiritual growth?

Apart from the daily integration of God's revealed truth in each class, a number of optional activities exist expressly to help in a student's faith journey. A student-led prayer meeting convenes each Monday morning; Wednesday night prayer and Bible study meets in the home of one of our teachers. Some students elect to lead worship in chapel services. Dorm Bible studies are available to boarding students. In addition to these school initiatives, the Houghton Wesleyan Church runs an extensive youth ministry that many of our students elect to participate in. Sunday morning church and Sunday School are mandatory for boarding students.

What is your dress code like?

Students are required to wear uniforms during school hours. The Academy uses Lands' End as its official uniform supplier. 

Uniform Page

Do you have sports?

Yes. Please see the Athletics page.

Do you have a music program?

Yes. Check out the pages under Music Program.

Can I get lessons in my favorite musical instrument?

Instrumental instruction by sections {all the trumpets (flutes, oboes, etc) together} is offered as part of our Band class. Private lessons in many instruments are available locally, sometimes from music professors from Houghton College. The music program continues to expand.

Is there a school play?

We offer a middle school play each fall, and a senior high play in the spring. Our auditorium is especially well suited to drama. Please see the Perform! page.

Head, Heart, Hands

We describe our program as having a three-fold emphasis on head, heart and hands. We seek to supply core knowledge, allow knowledge to be informed by faith, and then encourage students to put their knowledge and faith into action. More

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