2019-2020 School Year Theme

The 2019-2020 school year is almost upon us! The faculty and staff have been busy all week getting ready for the upcoming school year and we're excited to welcome back both returning and new students.

This year's school-wide theme is Learn Deeply - [Mind Shift]. Our annual school themes serve to guide faculty, staff, and students as they interact not just in the classroom, but also in after school co-curricular activities.

While learning is the primary reason we go to school, we sometimes become too complacent with the HOW of learning. This school year, we are exploring the concept of how we learn. There is no right or wrong way to learn, and we look forward to guiding our students (and ourselves!) as they explore, engage, and experience deeper learning.

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Head, Heart, Hands

We describe our program as having a three-fold emphasis on head, heart and hands. We seek to supply core knowledge, allow knowledge to be informed by faith, and then encourage students to put their knowledge and faith into action. More

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