COVID-19 Notice (April 13,2020)

Consistent with New York State's guidelines earlier this month, the Houghton Academy campus will remain closed through April 29, 2020. The school will continue to conduct learning online as it has done since March 23.

Houghton Academy is grateful for the prayers of the extended school community and especially the continued understanding and support of the parents and students.

We refer and defer to the following guidance for all schools in New York State.

• March 16, 2020: Executive order closing schools for a two-week period

• March 27, 2020: School closure extended "through at least April 15"

• April 6, 2020: School closure mandated "until at least April 29"

Further news will be posted here, as well as in "Head 2 Heart" email messages sent directly to parents, as decisions are made regarding if & when classes will resume meeting in person.

For its boarding students, the Academy is preparing to offer a summer on-campus option for students who are unable to return to their homes abroad or who simply want to avoid travel home this summer.

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