Houghton Academy Accreditation Status Extended

HOUGHTON, NY - The administration Houghton Academy is pleased to announce that Houghton Academy has been granted continued dual accreditation status by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Middle States Association (MSA), for the period May 1, 2018 - May 1, 2025.  

Houghton Academy was first accredited by ACSI in 1990 and now enters its third re-accreditation term (2000, 2010, and 2018). ACSI is a well-regarded organization committed to strengthening Christian schools and equipping Christian educators to prepare students academically and spiritually.

The dual ACSI-MSA accreditation verifies a school is meeting the following standards: has a distinct philosophy and foundational statement and communicates them clearly; has Christ-centered governance and administrative leadership; home and community relations are consistent and reliable and demonstrated through a pattern of respect, trust, and accountability; personnel are committed to the philosophy of the school and are engaged in ongoing professional development; meets high standards of educational quality; has written policies and procedures to care for students-emotionally, physically, spiritually, and academically; is committed to the spiritual development of students; and has a continuous school improvement plan that is updated annually.

“Houghton Academy is devoted to offering families an excellent program that prepares their teenagers to live authentically, learn deeply, lead globally, and love boldly for the glory of God,” states Head of School John Nelson. “Every day, each of us discover aspects of a new era, one in which former patterns of thinking are replaced. Solid Christian education guides students – answering age-old, fundamental questions as well as addressing today’s issues – while training in relevant skills and competencies. ACSI’s rigorous standards for Christian schools, including its continuous school improvement focus, will continue to drive the Academy forward, holding firmly to our beliefs while preparing students for the unique, multi-faceted  21st-century challenges that lie ahead.”

As well as being dually accredited, Houghton Academy is a member of The Association of Boarding Schools, The National Association of Independent Schools, The Enrollment Management Association, and the Parents League of New York. Houghton Academy was chartered in 1907 by the New York State Department of Education.

For further information on ACSI accreditation, visit www.acsi.org.

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