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Eila Shea

We talked about [putting our faith into practice] today in 7th grade art. I reminded them of the verse that says whatever we do, we should do it in a way that will glorify and honor God. I reminded them also that non-Christian students are watching us who are Christians. They need to see the fruits of God's Spirit in our lives. I asked which one of these fruits is the hardest to produce and [one boy] said,"self-control"! I was happy that one of the kids remembered that last fruit which can be, in many cases, the hardest! They were totally with me… listening and giving feed-back. ... Again, I warned the students about being genuine in their faith all the time because others are watching our lives. Will they want to be a Christian because they see a difference? Or is there NO difference, so why become a Christian? Instead of us going overseas to be missionaries, God is bringing the world to us. I challenged them to ask God for an international friend and if that friend is not a Christian to pray until that one comes to know Christ as their Savior.

Harold Blew

I try to get [my students] to see that the way we drive: courtesy, etc., should reflect our Christian testimony.

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