Academic FAQs

What is your teacher/student ratio?

We have defined our largest preferred (instructional) class size as having 24 students. Most of our instructional classes are smaller, a few are bigger. The average ratio of students to teacher in an academic classroom is 17:1.

What kinds of colleges do your graduates attend?

Houghton Academy is a college-preparatory high school. By that we do not mean that we carefully groom all our students for an Ivy League career. By college-prep, we mean that we equip our students to gain admittance to a college or university that is a match or somewhat above their academic profile. We teach the core subjects. We teach how to study. We teach how to be involved and be a good citizen. We teach practical spirituality. Our best students have been admitted to top-flight colleges, but we do not promise or even suggest that we will take every kid and transform them into an Ivy Leaguer.

Are tutors available?

Tutors are usually available on a limited basis. Our preferred means of extra help for students is via teachers. Our teachers are willing to take extra time as needed to help kids. Tutors are usually contracted privately, and thus they normally charge a fee for their services.

Do you have ESL?

We offer a limited number of ESL-based classes each year.

Hands On

Our excellent education happens inside and outside of the classroom.

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