The Academy Music Department offers participation in Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Jr. Choir, Junior and Senior Bands, and Handbell Choir. Both senior high and junior high bands are available.

Depending on a student's interest and level, students have the opportunity to play piano or drumset for jazz band. Band involves two class periods per week, plus one half-period for lesson group Students can play piano for one of the choirs, which meet 2-3 periods per week. Student musicians also have the opportunity to play in our chapel time, solo or as part of our worship team. The worship team is selected by application.

Each quarter the music department also hosts a student recital after school. Some quarters that is limited to students who will be performing in upcoming county or state festivals. Other quarters, the recital is open for any student to sign up to perform. Students also have the opportunity to play solos in both county and state festivals for judging, to earn a numerical score. These scores are used in application to honors ensembles hosted by our county, region and state.

Finally, students can take private lessons at Houghton College, from a student (graduate or undergraduate music major) or possibly music faculty. This can be arranged after school, or sometimes during the school day. There are pianos available in the dorm and in a practice room here at school.

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