College Course Opportunities

Juniors and seniors (and the occasional sophomore) at Houghton Academy may take classes at Houghton College for both high school and college credit.

In many ways, we consider this a better option than AP. Students who are successful in a college course at Houghton College may transfer credits earned to other colleges, and success in a class at a reputable college enhances a student's college application.

Here are the relevant details for taking college classes:

  • The opportunity is primarily available to juniors and seniors.
  • Enrollment in a particular class is subject to availability and the approval of the college professor.
  • College classes scheduled on MWF typically mesh with the Academy's daily course schedule.
  • Students must get a recommendation from one of our teachers prior to being approved by the guidance office to enroll in a college class.
  • Students may not take a college course that is identical to a course we offer.
  • College classes that never work for our students are the college's lab science classes, which have hours-long lab that preclude participation.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, students are awarded both high school credit and college credit. The course is added to the students high school transcript as well as to his/her college transcript.
  • Houghton College charges for college coursework; the charges are in addition to the Academy's tuition.

Contact the Guidance Office at the Academy for more details.

Head, Heart, Hands

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