Biblical Knowledge

One of the great advantages Academy students enjoy is the systematic study of the Bible.

Junior high students are guided through character studies of both major and minor characters, from Genesis to Jude. Ninth grade Bible is a study of the Old Testament which differentiates different types of Biblical literature and principles of interpretation. Tenth graders study the book of Romans and develop an understanding of theology. Eleventh graders have four units, one in Church History, one in Bible Study Methods, one in Dating and Family Relationships, and one in Christian Stewardship and Life Planning. Senior Bible class is a year-long study in comparative religions and apologetics.

Students who have no previous knowlege of the Bible or Christianity are enrolled in our Introduction to Christianity class.

Bible class meets 3 hours weekly–the same as other classes–and grades from Bible class are factored into averages like any other core subject course.

College Placement

A full-time guidance counselor walks each senior through the college application process, providing access to college representatives on campus as well as at college fairs in our region. More

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