David Huizenga

Discipleship Coordinator, Christian Studies


  • M.T.S. Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • B.A. Calvin College

Houghton Academy is the endpoint of a long journey for me: college studies, seven years of teaching math and physics at Phil-Mont Christian Academy (Erdenheim, PA), seminary studies, twelve years pastoring Resurrection Community Church (Wyncote, PA) and three years teaching Bible, physics, and coaching soccer at Rain Forest International School (Yaoundé, Cameroon). Returning now to my hometown and high school alma mater (’90) allows me to “keep my hand in” both realms that I love—teaching and pastoral roles—through the tasks of Bible instruction and discipleship development.

C.S. Lewis is said to have arrived late to a gathering of scholars who, at that point, were involved in vigorous debate. When he asked what they were discussing, Lewis was told the argument pertained to what made Christianity unique among world religions. “Oh, that’s easy,” he declared. “It’s grace.” Indeed, my prayer is that everything about my own classes and labors, as well as the Academy culture and students’ experience as a whole, would demonstrate and celebrate this centerpiece of the Gospel, the grace of Jesus Christ.

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