Robin Pawling



  • M.S.Ed. SUNY Geneseo
  • B.A. Houghton College

Quote from Albert Einstein: “Science without Religion is blind; Religion without Science is lame.”

Quote from Rev. Dr. Sir John Polkinghorne (Mathematical Physicist and Anglican Priest):

“A fundamental experience in science is the experience of wonder - the respect and awe that we feel at the beautiful structure of the world that is revealed to our inquiry. In fundamental physics, that is most powerfully expressed through the equations that are specified, fundamental physical theories which are always found to be characterized by the unmistakable character of mathematical beauty. Unmistakable to those who happen to speak that sort of language; it’s a rather austere form of aesthetic pleasure, but it is a very real one…. I have been describing a physical world which in its rational transparency and rational beauty is a world shot through with signs of mind. And it is a proposition worth giving serious consideration to. And that is because there is indeed a Mind, of God the Creator, that lies behind the rationally beautiful order of the world…. Scientists are very happy that the world is like that, very happy to exploit the intellectual opportunities that provides. But science of itself does not explain why it is so.”

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