About Houghton Academy

What kind of high school do you want?

If you are looking for...

  • a high school with a long history of stability and success
  • a boarding and day school full of motivated, capable students
  • a school wherein students are making positive life-choices in alignment with traditional Judeo-Christian values
  • a high rate of college placement with excellent preparation for college–with both knowledge and practical "college survival skills"
  • a safe environment
  • a small academy where you will be well-known and cared for
  • a school with opportunities for sports, music, drama and other extra-curricular activities
  • a boarding school which implements a distinctly Christian philosophy of education
  • an accredited school
  • a school with good facilities
  • a school with a seasoned, experienced faculty and staff
  • a boarding school with a full-residential program
  • a school authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students


School Profile 2020-2021

The Academy's Mission

The Academy's mission has always been to instill students with Biblical values and morality so that these young people will become the strong and capable leaders our world desperately needs.

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