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While Academy students come from many different faith backgrounds and world religions, faculty and staff are committed to teaching and modeling a Biblical worldview.

While we do not force students to embrace the Truth of Scripture, we do regularly ask students to consider their personal spiritual lives.

Christian students who enroll will find tremendous support for their faith and practice.

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Students volunteer at school, the local church and nursing home, as well as in other communities.


Service projects are sometimes incorporated into class assignments. Students with a heart to serve will find numerous opportunities.



Boarding students attend church and Sunday school each week, most often at the Houghton Wesleyan Church


The Houghton Wesleyan Church also offers a large and active youth group with regular meetings on Wednesday evenings.



Interested students may audition and

apply for a spot on our Worship Team.

Worship Team practices weekly and often leads worship in chapel. Team members include vocalists and instrumentalists.


Zimala (meaning fellowship or togetherness in Arabic) is a corporate worship service for the students, staff and faculty of the Academy. Meeting once a week, the format for Zimala varies and may include a message from a speaker, a video or drama presentation or a visiting musical group.

Music during Zimala is led by students who participate on the Worship Team. A traditional highlight of each year is the final Zimala of the school year, which is entirely organized and led by the senior class.

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At the heart of a Christian philosophy of education is the integration of a Biblical worldview into all aspects of a student's experience. 
Academy faculty and staff strive to help our students develop an understanding of the world that is consistent with Scripture.

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