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When the Academy was founded, Willard Houghton's stated intention was that Houghton Academy be affordable. The world's economy has changed considerably since 1883, but in the realm of secondary boarding and day schools, Houghton Academy's price point remains competitive in relation to other exceptional schools.

While we recognize that "affordable" is a relative term, we believe that through financial aid and our mission-minded approach to cost, we are able to offer high-quality education and exceptional experience at a modest price.



Houghton Academy offers both merit-based scholarships and need-based financial aid. 


Applicants interested in financial aid should contact the Admissions Office at

Financial Aid Boarding



Boarding Program 

International Boarding Tuition: $36,000

All-Inclusive Price: Includes tuition, dormitory housing & board, health insurance, and fees.

A 5-day boarding option is available to US boarding students. Please call for details.

Additional Charge Items

Homestay (Optional) 

Houghton Academy offers a homestay program for an additional fee. Students who choose this option should contact the Admissions Office for a homestay application*.


*Placements will be available only if the student is approved for homestay and if a suitable

placement in an approved home can be found.

Tuition and Fees Boarding

Day Program

Tuition: $7,000

Fees: $1,400

Lunch Program: $600

TOTAL: $9,000

(Dual enrollment and online courses incur additional fees.)

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