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While Houghton Academy is perhaps most noted for it's boarding program, we also accommodate students from surrounding communities. This creates a valuable and unique multicultural experience for our entire student body.

We are grateful for the Christian environment where God is always present and spiritual growth is emphasized as much as academic growth.

Penny & David


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Houghton Academy utilizes the FACTS Tuition Management Program which allows parents of day students to make 10 monthly tuition payments. Details can be found on the FACTS website or by contacting the Business Office.


Transportation to Houghton Academy may be available through your local school district. Families should contact their local school district for more information.

Important note: School districts typically set a deadline of April 1 for transportation requests for the following school year.

Students living south of Houghton along the Route 19 corridor may be able to utilize the

Allegany County Transit system.

Forms and Doctuments


Step 1: Submit An Application

Step 2: Submit Your Updated Transcript

  • Submit the student's most recent transcript or report card of all high school classes completed and a grade report of any currently enrolled classes that have not yet been completed.

  • Please send these documents to:

Step 3: Schedule Your Interview 

  • Schedule an interview with our head of school here.

Step 4: Receive Admissions Result

If accepted, you will receive:

1.  An official acceptance letter 

2.  A payment plan form

3.  A medical form 

4.  A request for any other additional documents our Admission Office needs 

Step 5: Send Back Payment Plan Form 

  • Send back your payment plan form with a payment plan selected.

Step 6: Receive Enrollment Contract and Bill

  • The student's family will receive an enrollment contract and invoices based off the payment plan they chose.

Step 7: Sign Contract and Make Payment(s) 

  • Send back a signed copy of the student's enrollment contract.

  • Pay what you owe for tuition by the due dates listed on the invoices.

Step 8: Send Back Medical Form

  • Send us a completed copy of the student's medical form and any other required documentation.

Step 9:  Begin School at Houghton Academy


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