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Houghton Academy provides both dormitory or homestay options to meet the needs of every student. At Houghton Academy students receive a safe, orderly and affirming atmosphere that provides opportunities for academic support, personal growth and lifelong friendships.


We all know that teenagers enjoy their personal space, recreation areas, and opportunities to socialize with friends in a traditional dorm. But we also know students benefit from the daily family interaction, adult support, encouragement, and supervision, not to mention the more significant English language improvement that a traditional homestay situation offers. So we combine the best of both worlds in our Home Dorms. A married couple, often with their children, leads the Home Dorm. Homework help, medical support, game night, cooking/baking parties, and just time to chat are all a part of life in the Home Dorm. But when teenagers want quiet and solitude, they have space and opportunity. Traditional Home Stays with a family in the community are available for an extra fee. But, regardless of their original preference, most students come to love Home Dorm living.


An exciting program at Houghton Academy is the opportunity for international students to live with American families instead of in a dormitory. This program is open to new and returning students, subject to the availability of host families.

Students in this program enjoy the added advantage of round-the-clock English, as well as the extra support and care that are prevalent in a family setting. Students may share a room or have a separate room depending on the home they are in. Some host families are young while other hosts have grown children.

In the host family program, the host family transports and feeds their student guest and provides lodging. There is an additional cost for participation in the homestay program.


Please contact us via the email address below if you are interested in our homestay program. 


The Academy maintains a nursing office with a nurse on-call after hours.

Boarding students who do not feel well are screened and treated by a school nurse. Should additional care be required, a doctor's office is located in Houghton. The closest hospital is about 35 minutes away and is used for acute medical needs.

Boarding students are required to have health insurance. A physical examination is required prior to enrollment and must be administered by a physician. Immunizations must be reported and students must meet New York State immunization standards.

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