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Houghton Academy provides its boarding students with opportunities for growth and independence in a structured environment. Students from North America and worldwide have attended Houghton Academy and learned life skills that provide the foundation for success at university and beyond.

Enrollment is open year-round. Submit your application to join us today!



Houghton Academy seeks young people capable of studying in a rigorous, college-preparatory environment.  All students must be willing to live and work in a Christian atmosphere. Students of other faiths are welcomed.

Admission is based on completion of the application, references, and prior satisfactory performance in school (transcripts are required).

Houghton Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed, or national origin in the administration of its educational policies, financial aid program, athletic or other school administered programs.



Houghton Academy was founded on the principle that a quality education should be affordable to everyone.


Step 1: Submit An Application

Step 2: Submit Your Updated Transcript

  • Submit your most recent transcript or informal record of all of high school classes taken and currently enrolled in.

  • Please send these documents to:

Step 3: Schedule and Complete An Online Interview 

  • Once the application and all supporting materials have been received, a Zoom, Skype or WeChat Online Interview will be scheduled for the student by the Boarding Program Coordinator.

  • The Boarding Program Coordinator will email the students with availability for interview dates and times. The interview lasts about 60 minutes. 

  • The interview is a one-on-one interview between the student and Houghton Academy's Boarding Director. Parents may ask questions at the end of the interview. 

  • Please ensure the student prepares an English book for the reading assessment. No preparation is required by the student. 

Step 4: Receive Admissions Result

You will receive the admission decision within 48 hours of your interview. 

If accepted, you will receive:

1.  An official acceptance letter 

2.  A payment plan form

3.  A request for any other additional documents our Admission Office needs

Step 5: Complete Payment Plan Form and Make Deposit

  • The student's family will have 15 calendar days to accept or reject the admission offer. This will be communicated by returning the payment plan form with a plan selected and making the required deposit.

  • The timeline will be shorter for students accepted after May 31.

Step 6: Receive and Sign Enrollment Contract

  • The student's family will receive an enrollment contract with invoices based off the payment plan they chose.

  • The student's family must then send back a signed copy of the enrollment contract.

Step 7: Obtain Your F-1 Visa & Notify HA

  • As soon as the deposit and all required documents have been submitted, International students will receive an I-20 and will need to contact the appropriate US Embassy or Consulate to schedule an interview for an F-1 student visa.

  • Notify Houghton Academy upon receiving your F-1 visa.

Step 8: Make Final Payment and Submit Remaining Documents

  • Any remaining payment and records are due according to the terms of your enrollment contract. Failure to make full payment within this period may result in cancellation of the student’s I-20.

  • Note: Do NOT purchase flight tickets or make any travel plans before making the final payment and turning in all requested documents.

  • Click the "Required Actions Before Arrival" link below to view a complete list of what is required before the school can accept travel plans.

Step 9: Submit Travel Details

  • The student’s family should purchase flights to Buffalo Niagara International Airport, NY (BUF), and let Houghton Academy know of the student’s travel plans. 

  • HA only accepts travel arrangements after receiving the full payment and admission document.

Step 10: Begin School at Houghton Academy


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