Community and Region

Houghton Academy is in western New York State. Much of the infrastructure of our area traces back to the Genesee Valley Canal, built and used during the mid-1800s. The area is rural, the primary industry is dairy farming, and we are in the foothills of the Allegheny mountains. The information included here may be useful in helping you understand this region and the local culture.


The Genesee River runs through Houghton, eventually emptying into Lake Ontario. The Allegheny Mountains are to our south; the local terrain is foothills. We are to the leeward side of Lake Erie, and the Great Lakes strongly influence our weather. We are located in Allegany County.


Houghton is about equidistant from Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY. Niagara Falls is near Buffalo. More relevant to our daily lives are Olean and Wellsville.


We serve a variety of families with a variety of church and non-church backgrounds. There is one church in Houghton: The Houghton Wesleyan Church.

Local Business

The largest local company is Houghton College. Two doctors practice medicine in Houghton, and a nursing home is near the boys dorm. Restaurants in town include Subway, China Star, and 3 Bums Pizza. Visitors may dine at Houghton College, either in the cafeteria or at Big Al's. The Inn at Houghton Creek is a comfortable hotel.

Hands On

Our excellent education happens inside and outside of the classroom.

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