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The mission of Houghton Academy is to offer young people a college preparatory education within the framework of a Christian worldview.


Houghton Academy models and communicates the Christian community that reflects Core Values crucial to prepare students to live authentically, learn deeply, lead globally, and love boldly for the glory of God.

A Brief History

Over a century ago Wesleyan Methodist evangelist Willard J. Houghton traveled the Genesee valley by horse and buggy, tirelessly inviting children to Sunday school. In 1882 his conversations with area church leaders turned a love for young people into a vision for a school--a school that would serve as a "moral lighthouse" for a "dark world." 



Seth Pullen '96 
Attorney, Richardson, Pullen & Buck, P.C.

New York

Vice Chair

Mark Getzin '68

US Army Retired

New York


Leon Bellamy ‘59 
CEO, Gourmet Classic Salads
North Carolina

Karen Daugherty
Associate Professor, Houghton University
New York

Allen Gurley
Chaplain, Interaction International
New York


Peter Luckey '70
Senior Solutions Consultant, 321 Gang
New York


Julie Palmer '99

Senior Director, Advancement William & Mary Business School Foundation


Jordan Dover '98
Diplomat, US State Department

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