Virtual Program Admissions

Not able to join us on campus but still looking for a different option? Consider one of our virtual learning options

Houghton Academy Live Stream

The Houghton Academy Live Stream program provides an opportunity for students to join our brick and mortar classes here on our campus. Students will follow a traditional period by period schedule joining Houghton Academy teachers and students virtually. This program offers live synchronous instruction five days a week and gives students a wonderful opportunity to get to know their teachers and classmates in the event they choose to join us on campus in the future. Streaming has the additional benefit of providing the easiest transition to Houghton Academy live on-site in the future. For a preview of our live stream program watch this short video  . To apply, follow the link to our online application .


Payment Plan 1: Annual Tuition Payment 

Payment Plan 2: 
Semi-Annual Tuition Payments

Full-Time Tuition

$20,000 due
July 1

$10,000 due prior to the start of 1st semester 

$10,000 due prior to the start of 2nd semester

Tuition Payment Plan Fee  Does Not Apply $199 due July 1
Additional fees apply for AP and Dual Enrollment

Houghton Academy Online (Starting January 2021)

Houghton Academy Online  is a fully online program offers that offers a combination of synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Students will meet with their teachers in synchronous (live) instruction two days a week. The remaining instruction work will be done asynchronously with teachers available in scheduled “office hours” two additional days a week. The curriculum foundation is provided by K12 but will be delivered by Houghton Academy Online teachers.



Full-Time Tuition (1 semester) 

$3,750 due Jan. 1

Part-Time Tuition

$625 semester course

Tuition Payment Plan Fee  Does Not Apply
Additional fees apply for AP and Dual Enrollment

Enrolling both day students and boarding students, Houghton Academy offers a diverse student body. Each year, students arrive here from around the world, bring with them a rich cultural mosaic unavailable anywhere else in Allegany County.

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