Houghton Academy starts 135th School Year

Houghton Academy began its 135th school year on August 28, 2017, welcoming 115 students in grades 7 - 12. That number includes 55 international and North American boarding students joining day students from all over western New York.

“Growing in Character” is this year's theme, and will serve to guide both faculty/staff and students as they interact not just in the classroom, but also in after-school co-curricular activities and Class Communities. The Class Communities will meet once a week to discuss spiritual topics, plan class activities and; identify, perform, and complete a class service project during the year.

Aligning with the school theme, and providing a renewed focus on spiritual formation, a new Discipleship Program has been established.  Under the direction of two discipleship coordinators, the program will seek to develop clear-thinking, well-prepared young adults capable of defending their beliefs and willing to step out and confidently serve as committed representatives of the Savior.

The Academy will continue to develop its outdoor experiential education program, under the guidance of Houghton Academy alum Stephen Ries. Outdoor activities will include backpacking, rock wall climbing, canoeing, and usage of Houghton College’s ropes course.  Athletics offerings include volleyball, soccer, basketball, golf, tennis, and track & field. Classroom electives include Understanding the Culture, Exploration into Servant Leadership, Photography, College Computer Science, Introduction to Computers and Applications and Handbell choir.

Several new Faculty and Staff join the Academy this year.

  • Mr. David Huizenga, Christian Studies Instructor
  • Mr. Michael Burgett, Science Instructor
  • Mr. Jerome Bell, Choral Music Instructor
  • Mrs. Julia Newbrough, English Language Learning Instructor
  • Mrs. Jeanne Daningburg, Writing and Literature Instructor
  • Mr. Stephen Ries, Academic Support & Outdoor Program Coordinator
  • Mr. Phil Nelson, Boy’s Dorm Head Resident
  • Ms. Jessica Nelson, Athletics Coordinator
  • Mrs. Judi Mollenkof, Principal

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