Junior Boarding Program

Houghton Academy to Launch Junior Boarding Program in August 2016

Houghton Academy has announced the planned expansion of the school’s current grade 9-12 boarding program, beginning August 2016, expanding its offer of a distinct blend of American and international cultures to early adolescent students. “We are delighted to offer a junior boarding program to qualified students entering grades 7 and 8, including a boarding life experience that, while similar to what we have been offering to high school students for over 50 years, will be tailored to the younger secondary school student,” said Scott Frazier, Houghton Academy CFO and Director of Admissions. 

“While we want to bless others with what we have to offer, this decision is more than that: it is a matter of being intentional across all levels to the Academy’s expected student outcome that students will have a critical appreciation of languages and cultures of others...dispelling prejudice, promoting harmony, and encouraging hospitality for the alien and stranger,” noted John Nelson, Head of School. “We believe incorporating boarding students to our grade 7-8 program will further the ethos the Academy desires to cultivate, beginning with our youngest students.”

Chief Academic Officer Dr. Vincent Montoro observes that “Offering the junior boarding program is expected to have a positive impact in the Academy’s secondary academic program,” noting additionally that the school will “continue to ensure the curriculum and co-curricular program reflects a commitment to authentic living and deep learning.”

Applications for the 2016-17 school year are currently being accepted. The Academy admission timetable is located at www.houghtonacademy.org/admissions/boardingadmissions/deadlines/

For further information, interested applicants should contact the Houghton Academy Office of Admission by email at admissions@houghton.academy or by phone at 585-567-8115.

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