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Required Actions Before Arrival

Please remember to do each of these things before you arrive!

1. Return Your Completed Medical Form 

Please be sure to complete the immunization section; if this section is left blank or incomplete, New York State law says you will have to be re-immunized when you arrive. Getting a set of shots you do not really need is no fun, so complete this section of the form carefully. Contact our Admission Office if you have specific questions.

2. Send the Admission Office your complete transcripts 

Transcripts are different from report cards. Many applicants sent us a mid-year report card, but we need your official school record for all your high school coursework. Please ask your school to give those to you or send them directly to us.


Asian students--since American schools have 4 years of high school, we need a transcript for the third year of your middle school. That third year of middle school is the equivalent of the first year (9th grade) of high school in America. By the middle of July, you should receive a letter specifying which of your transcripts we still need.

3. Send your full tuition payment

The deadline to send your deposit & full tuition fee to Houghton Academy is stated in your contract. Please make sure to follow the timeline promptly to avoid cancellation of your I-20

International Students: If your application for a visa is denied, our policy is to refund your pre-payment. That is the only reason we can refund it.

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