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What's happening in our classrooms?

Project Write: ***

Currently, in Mrs. Hilsher’s English class. Students are doing a project called “Project Write”. Project Write is a project where students can write on anything they wanted (including personal essays, argumentative essays, short stories, etc.), and then students are publishing their three pieces. Some student will publish their works on a blog while others are entering contests with prizes!

Clubs: ***

Mrs. Schneck’s hope is to help students learn different languages. She wants international students to join so they can help the English-speaking students learn their languages and customs while the English students join to help the International students learn some phrases. The students will learn from watching movies, commercials, listening to music, comedies, and sharing food. - Mrs. Schenck

Gym Class: ***

Currently, in Mr. Prentice’s gym class, students are playing badminton! Usually, every couple of weeks (1-3) students switch sports. Previously, sports have included indoor soccer, volleyball, tchoukball, and more. The next sport is soccer!

Art Class: ***

In Ms. Wood’s art class, students are working on self-portraits. Upperclassmen are working on mixed media portraits. While the middle schoolers are working on shading and value-based portraits.

- Bella Stevens

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