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Can I have a single room?

Not usually. We plan on two students to a room, and if we have space, students who have been here the longest are offered singles.

Are there alternatives to the dorms?

We have a Homestay program for international students who desire to live with a local family and work on their English. We also own three staff houses that can accommodate students when needed. Most new students will spend at least one year in a dorm.

Do the dorms have Internet access?

We have wireless internet access in the dorms. Students may use their own laptops or they may use one of the shared computers we provide there.

What do boarding students do in their free time?

Weekday free time is limited by school schedule, but there is some. Most free time happens from Friday after school thru Sunday evening. Students have a variety of options. We employ a boarding student coordinator whose main focus is to support boarding students after school and on weekends. The boarding student coordinator helps with academics and supervises recreational time on some weekday evenings. Students with low English proficiency attend an after school English class until satisfactory progress is made in speaking English. Group activities are planned as well--trips to the mall, Niagara Falls or other places that might be fun. Boarding students are required to attend church and Sunday School on Sunday mornings.

In addition to these options, nearby Houghton College often hosts sporting events or performing groups (called "Artist Series") that our students may attend. Our students also have access to some Houghton College facilities, including the pool, tennis courts, racquetball courts, restaurants and game room. Houghton is a great place for students who like the outdoors, as everything here that is not inside is outside. During the months from November thru March, Houghton Academy's Ski Club visits nearby Swain Resort each Saturday.

Will I have a roommate?

Yes, unless we have extra beds available. Single rooms, when available, are usually offered first to students who have been enrolled the longest.

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